Mount Sentinel | Missoula, MT

Here’s my first #MontanaMonday or #MotivationalMonday (whichever appeals to the ear the most, if neither, I do apologize). This was my first hike of the season, and man for you Georgia peeps out there, our mountains are hills compared to the great state of Montana. I had been told it was a tough hike as it is quite vertical, but I guess I also had my winter layer (which I developed during my first winter in Montana) working against me. Regardless, it was a beautiful hike (even with all the huffing, sweating, and certainty that I would be a mountain lion’s next snack).  The best part, was that I got to hike it with my lovely husband who was already pretty prepared for the hiking season (considering his job requires him to hike many many miles a day with a fully packed backpack). We worked up quite an appetite (both for food) and for summer adventure. There’s something about the Montana air after a long winter that sparks some much needed energy and enthusiasm. Afterwards, my husband and I went to the local Iron Horse, which is a delightful bar and grill with an amazing staff. We chowed down on some yummy burgers and sipped on a refreshing cucumber mojito. Not to mention the awesome conversation we got to have with the people eating beside us whom we had just said hello to on top of the M (great minds think alike when it comes to choice of food). As we sat there chatting, the storm clouds came rolling in, and man it was such a refreshing and delightful evening that left us wanting a hundred more days just like that one.

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