Lani Kutney | Missoula, MT

Hey guys! So some of you may not know this about me yet, as I have photographed weddings, seniors, families, etc. in the past back in Georgia. However, after moving here to Montana and reflecting back on all of my old work, I have seen where my passion and my talent lies and that is in photographing lifestyle portraits. Taking an individual or couple out into their element where they can be themselves, and on top of that getting to know that person while working with them! As I start jumping into the realm of portrait photography, do know that you will see gradual change in the images that I create on this journey. Below are photos that were taken on my Canon 70D and these photos are the beginning of my pursuit. With that being said, I hope you all can walk along side me as I grow and venture on this journey towards an exciting dream. I will be obtaining new equipment, seeking out the guidance of professional photographers, and continuing to learn the ins and out of lighting and composition.

Lani is the model pictured here who was an absolute pleasure to work with and had her husband tag along, who was a joy in himself. As Lani and I worked together getting some photos, her husband, was walking around picking flowers, blowing dandelions, and saving baby birds who had fallen out of their nests. It was such a fun shoot! Lani has such a lovely sense of humor and the majority of the time, had to fight from giggling as her husband made faces and whatever else was going down behind me. Lani is pursuing acting and was recently an extra on the new Yellowstone series that premieres on June 20, 2018. So keep a look out for her! Not to mention all the wonderful places that Lani has been AND get this guys, she’s a mom of 5! Can we all stop for a minute and give her a round of applause for how incredibly amazing she is as a person! (cue the applause). I wish her the very best throughout her endeavors in her acting career and with her family!


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