Ella dae Rose| Spokane, WA

A couple of weekends ago, my husband ran a 50 mile race and finished faster than he anticipated. He had been training for a few months and had set his mind to become an ultra marathon runner, and he did. I am so proud of the work ethic he shows each and every day – in his job, in his endeavors, in our marriage, and with other people. He is such an inspiration for me in so many ways. He especially has become my biggest supporter when it comes to photography. For a year I didn’t take pictures, and my camera just sat in it’s bag collecting dust. He constantly pushed me to pick it back up, and I just couldn’t find the drive to do so. Finally after watching my husband pursue a dream, a goal, and watch it become reality as he came home each day stronger than the day before because he had beat his running time and added more miles to his routes. He inspired me to once again pick up my camera and pursue the dream I had once had.

So on the same weekend he ran 50 miles, I helped photograph a wedding and then later photograph this beautiful model you see below, Miss Ella. Even though, my husband had just pushed himself to run 50 miles and could barely walk the next day, he went with me to Spokane, Washington out of support for my photography. I had planned several shoots for this trip to make it worth the travel and sadly two of the shoots fell through, but this one below did not, which I am so thankful for because they are some of my favorite. Ella was such a joy to work with, she did her thing while I got to do mine. She was up for anything and everything and actually laughed at my jokes! (That never happens guys) and I have proof of it down below (that’s right, those aren’t fake laughs). She was definitely a beautiful soul to work with and I believe that trip worked out just how it was supposed to. I got to spend extra time with my husband walking around the park nearby our hotel, eat an incredible (FREE) breakfast (with free espresso) right near the river outside on a patio, and then take a drive around the lake in Coeur d’Alene. It was such an incredible and life giving trip to just sit with my husband and talk about our future and aspirations together while we sipped, snacked, and viewed grace all around us.  I wouldn’t be here typing this blog, sharing these photos (let alone have any of these photos) if it wasn’t for the incredible, loving, supporting, and amazing man that God blessed me with. I don’t deserve him, not even a little bit, but that’s the grace of our God. He puts people in our lives who remind us every day of the love and grace our God has for us. I am truly thankful and continue to pray that I will be a better wife each and every day for my husband, as he is for me.

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