Abigail & Kevin | Blue Mountain, MT

I got to work with one of the most genuine couples I have ever met! They had such big hearts and were so fun to capture moments with. From Abigail’s beautiful smiles to Kevin making her crack up every other second to the beautiful story they share and the journey they are enduring together, they did an incredible job behind the camera. They even honored me by asking at the end for me to photograph their upcoming wedding in the backyard of the home that Abigail grew up in. OF COURSE I SAID YES!

There is nothing more beautiful than capturing the love of a couple. Especially when it’s genuine and true, and there’s not much work to do on my part, except keep shooting and don’t miss the moments happening right before me. These two were so in their element with one another, goodness it was great! It’s these shoots that make it so fun to do what I do. Thank you Abigail and Kevin for enduring with me the ravenous mosquitos that seem to have taken over Montana this year and just enjoying your time with one another despite those pesky critters! I can’t wait to capture your wedding and share in this ceremony that I know will honor and glorify God. Thank you again for letting me be apart of y’all’s journey!

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