Megan, Luc, & Murphy | Missoula, MT

So we were going to give up on this shoot and call it a night after being viciously mauled by mosquitos for the first 30-45 minutes. I’ve mentioned mosquitos a lot in my posts lately, but man, have they been terrible this year in Montana. I’m no scientist, but my assumption is all of the flooding and rain that has occurred and it continues to linger on, which has just caused mosquitos to hatch later and hang around longer. BLAH.

BUT any who, I had caught eyes on this spot a couple weeks before and thought ya know, it’d be the perfect place for sunset portraits, and man am i glad i stuck to my guts and that they were up for an adventure. The lighting couldn’t have been more magical, especially since I was going for the 101 Dalmation look when it came to having their puppy, Murphy, walk around them with his leash and bring them closer together. Let’s all just take a moment and enjoy the beauty that our God created for the background of these photos, and the bringing together of this lovely couple and their adorable pup. I continue to state how much I love my job and the opportunity I have to get to know people through my work. All thanks to God for the beauty!


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