Katelynn & Devin | Hamilton, MT

Shooting couples in their element, I absolutely love it! It allows them to be free to be themselves. That’s been the challenge for me when working with couples, is to get to know them and bring them into their everyday situation and capture those genuine moments. I’m trying to work away from the cheesy posing and allow it to become more of a genuine moment. The biggest tip I’ve been given is work on prompting rather than directing and posing. Allow the couple to react the way they would in this moment. Tell him to whisper what it is about her that makes him so proud and then after that prompting him to whisper his favorite vegetable in the most sexiest voice possible. These are two tips I got from other photographers and they work like magic. I’m working to continue improving prompts and becoming more invisible during these couple shoots and allowing the couple to get lost in the moment with one another.

Do you have any fun tips? Any suggestions? I’m all ears! Thank you to this sweet couple for welcoming me into their space here on their family ranch. They were a blast as they celebrate their 1st year of marriage this month! Congratulations you two, keep being awesome!

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