Midwest Backcountry Outdoors

Being apart of a creative group like the Rising Tide Society allows for creative entrepreneurs from all over to connect, support, and inspire one another. It’s a tough business, being your own business owner, getting things going and getting your name out there, but I believe networking, connecting, creating, and a daily grind can get you there.

I reached out to Midwest Backcountry Outdoors to photograph some of their products and they were so willing to work with me, I was ecstatic! I got connected with some models (and convinced my husband and brother-in-law to model as well), scheduled some road trips and camping trips and got going on the project. I had a couple of road bumps along the way with cancellations, losing my footing in a river and losing a favorite lens, personal unexpected changes, and them darn mosquitos that have seemed to ruin a few of my creative ideas. BUT, I was able to learn a few things when it comes to photographing products (this was my first product shoot by the way) and the biggest tip is to know your client’s products and the story behind it. 

I think preparing efficiently for a shoot by really seeking out what makes this company who they are, how they began, and what their drive is for the company is the biggest step to creating solid work. This allows you to add those details into the shoot that really reflect the company in itself and creates better promotional work that they can really go “Wow, yes, that’s us!” Another tip, plan backups, lots of backups because someone is bound to cancel on you! Last tip, don’t doubt yourself when you go to make that first move to reach out to a company. First get to know the company by looking over the website and social media, see what they offer, as mentioned before their story, and the promotional work they currently are posting. DON’T COPY, but be inspired. Put your creative twist on it and do your thing! Send it over and wait for a response. It’s intimidating but there’s nothing better than someone thinking “That’s good stuff” and sharing it with their following. Be confident in your work.

So now that I have tired your eyes with all these words, here are some shots I did around Montana. I got to visit some awesome and gorgeous new places in the process (which is another plus to photographing products-excuses to seek out new places). Keep in mind this is my very first product shoot, and I believe there is a lot I could have improved on, BUT you can’t get it all right on the first swing of things 🙂

Go check out Midwest Backcountry Outdoors and purchase some product while you’re there. (PS. that beanie is the softest and “snuggiest” (don’t think this is a word) beanie I have ever worn!) They have partnered with three different charities that will receive a percentage of your purchase, those charities can be checked out here: Camp Patriot, Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness, and Team RWB.

Also thank you to my lovely models from RMEA Talent. Go check them out, @simplymallory and @alyssa.kessel on Instagram.

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