Kati Kelly | Blue Mountain, MT

This was by far one of the dreamiest shoots I’ve ever done… with one of the most beautifully spirited models I’ve yet to work with! I had an idea and I shared it with Kati, and she went above and beyond my creative ideas and brought them to life even better than I imagined. That’s what I love about photography – you can go in with an inspiration, an idea, but you pair it with other creatives who are part of the project and you bring to life something even better. Pretty similar to how in Acts, these believers all had gifts and brought those gifts together and communed with one another, supported one another, all to glorify God – they were incredible and strong-willed! (read the stories in Acts, mind boggling).

That’s why I thrive in a photography community. It’s a group of creatives coming together for a common purpose – to create something incredible. Not everyone I work with is a believer in God and I don’t compromise my beliefs to fit into the world, NO, I listen. I listen to the stories of those I work with, I’m human with them, I don’t shove Jesus down their throats and tell them they’re going to hell. I believe in my God, every loving and just trait about Him. And there’s still more that I am learning about my Father in Heaven. But one thing along the way that I have learned is that God didn’t call us to shun people, to belittle them, throw His name in their face… He specifically calls us to love God and then love others as ourselves.

If God could love me, with all the baggage that comes with who I used to be and the sin I continue to struggle with, if He can call me His beloved child (1 John 3:1) and say that He adores me, how then could He not adore those around me. I don’t save people, my Jesus does. And I will do His work by loving others, being faithful to what God calls me to do, and allow God to work in His miraculous ways. Do you know He doesn’t even need us to do His work? He chooses us to be apart of it. So take the pressure off yourself with the idea of trying to save all of those around you, get on your knees and pray that God will help them with whatever struggle they are going through, love them unconditionally, and wait on God to do what we can’t. I’ve seen what God did in my life and I am no one special, just imagine what He’ll do with the rest of the world. Trust, Love, and Have Faith.

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