Mallory Fife | Bozeman, MT

So this shoot took me back to my days in Atlanta, and you could say it made me stop and think about where I started. I used to photograph other creatives all the time on the streets of Atlanta and learned so much from those creatives. I remember the day that Chris House followed me on Instagram and I was certain that I was going to have a mini heart attack because I admire his work and him so much as a photographer, and the idea that he would find me worthy of following! Needless to say me and my buddies “fan-girled” over a lot of Atlanta photographers and thought of them as these famous super stars that would only find us to be invisible amateur photographers. But once I got involved with the #weloveatl movement and began going to meetups and reaching out to other photographers in the Atlanta area, I found community and I found down to earth, talented photographers open to sharing knowledge and guidance with us growing photographers. I am so thankful for this community because as I have moved out of the Atlanta area I have realized that this type of community is extremely hard to come by.

So when I come in contact with other creatives, I am sure to be open and willing to share all I can. The idea that my work has inspired others, brings so much joy and appreciation into my life, first for God who granted me the ability to have this gift and second the creatives who were willing to pour into me their own experiences, knowledge, and time. I’m not 100% certain where God wants me quite yet with photography, but you best believe I jump on any and every opportunity I can till I find what it is He has in store for me. What I love most about photography is the unknown, the idea that I am challenged each and every day to step out of my comfort zone, to take a leap, to talk to people I don’t know and put myself out there, not knowing if the door will be slammed or if I will be welcomed in. It’s such a rush and while it can be stressful at times when you don’t see the pay off of all your work and you can’t seem to nail down clients, it will come. In the meantime grow in your art, keep learning, and keep trusting.

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