Mallory Fife | Bozeman, MT

So this shoot took me back to my days in Atlanta, and you could say it made me stop and think about where I started. I used to photograph other creatives all the time on the streets of Atlanta and learned so much from those creatives. I remember the day that Chris House followed me [...]

Kati Kelly | Blue Mountain, MT

This was by far one of the dreamiest shoots I've ever done... with one of the most beautifully spirited models I've yet to work with! I had an idea and I shared it with Kati, and she went above and beyond my creative ideas and brought them to life even better than I imagined. That's [...]

Midwest Backcountry Outdoors

Being apart of a creative group like the Rising Tide Society allows for creative entrepreneurs from all over to connect, support, and inspire one another. It's a tough business, being your own business owner, getting things going and getting your name out there, but I believe networking, connecting, creating, and a daily grind can get [...]

Katelynn & Devin | Hamilton, MT

Shooting couples in their element, I absolutely love it! It allows them to be free to be themselves. That's been the challenge for me when working with couples, is to get to know them and bring them into their everyday situation and capture those genuine moments. I'm trying to work away from the cheesy posing [...]

Megan, Luc, & Murphy | Missoula, MT

So we were going to give up on this shoot and call it a night after being viciously mauled by mosquitos for the first 30-45 minutes. I've mentioned mosquitos a lot in my posts lately, but man, have they been terrible this year in Montana. I'm no scientist, but my assumption is all of the [...]

Abigail & Kevin | Blue Mountain, MT

I got to work with one of the most genuine couples I have ever met! They had such big hearts and were so fun to capture moments with. From Abigail's beautiful smiles to Kevin making her crack up every other second to the beautiful story they share and the journey they are enduring together, they [...]