Mallory Fife | Bozeman, MT

So this shoot took me back to my days in Atlanta, and you could say it made me stop and think about where I started. I used to photograph other creatives all the time on the streets of Atlanta and learned so much from those creatives. I remember the day that Chris House followed me [...]

Megan Albrecht | Missoula, MT

On this journey of jumping back into photography, the hardest part has been building a new community around myself, especially when I have defined myself as an introvert for so long. The more I grow closer to God and learn more about His Character, the more that I realize that these name tags that I [...]

Lani Kutney | Missoula, MT

Hey guys! So some of you may not know this about me yet, as I have photographed weddings, seniors, families, etc. in the past back in Georgia. However, after moving here to Montana and reflecting back on all of my old work, I have seen where my passion and my talent lies and that is [...]

Megan & Luc | Missoula, MT

Moving to Missoula, working with cool people, making friends with those cool people, having game nights with those people. . . it's all fun and games until you ask if you can shoot those people. ... But they didn't seem to mind too much! Such an awesome couple these two, and so freakin' adorable! Sadly [...]

Mount Sentinel | Missoula, MT

Here's my first #MontanaMonday or #MotivationalMonday (whichever appeals to the ear the most, if neither, I do apologize). This was my first hike of the season, and man for you Georgia peeps out there, our mountains are hills compared to the great state of Montana. I had been told it was a tough hike as [...]

Ryan Walden | Atlanta, GA

So this is the first of my #FlashbackFriday shoots. This shoot was from June 2015 and was by far one of my favorites in Atlanta. We got to do a lot of street walking in the city and subways and even a few sketchy climbs, but man was it worth it! This stud is an [...]